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M Binetti takes great pride, not only in our work but within ourselves and the relationships we form, and in turn the customized product we create.

We provide a complete, customized service, from start to finish.  Let us design a plan that fits your needs; we can build from previous drawings, pictures or magazines, and verbal descriptions- bringing your vision to life!  We offer a comprehensive approach to all phases of your project, including a detailed contract with a full list of activity, timelines, costing and payment schedules.  At M Binetti Construction,  we provide professional service and complete satisfaction from the planning and design of your project until the final approved result.

  • New Construction and Complete Home Makeovers
  • Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling
  • Project Consultation & Custom Design
  • Custom Decks & Porches
  • Room Additions
  • Replacement Windows
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Entertainment areas
  • City Issues & Permitting
  • Licensed & Insured Tradesman
  • Roofing/ siding/ Stone
  • Paving & Concrete


How We Do It....

Phase 1: Ideas, Budgets, Estimates, and Solutions
The initial free consultation consists of meeting at the clients home to discuss project feasibility, design concerns, ideas, and budgeting.  Our first step is listening to your needs and ideas.  We listen carefully and interpret your needs and desires into solutions that are creative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.  We also advise you on how to best control costs without sacrificing the projects integrity.  We will notify you if additional steps are needed to satisfy  city ordinances and zoning restrictions, many instances requiring civil engineering and site plan submittal.

Phase ll: Drawings and Permits
After coordinating the ideas, it's off to the drawing board.  Every great project completed starts with an even greater plan.  We use computer aided design (CAD) when possible and 3D renderings when necessary to assist our designs and make your ideas come to life, giving you have the opportunity to visualize how the project will look in its completed phase.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we encourage you to have pictures from magazines and/or the web to express your ideas.  We can build from our plans or yours.

Phase lll: Construction and Remodeling
Once proper permits and approvals are obtained, we bring in our equipment and get to work.  You will know everyone on your project and you will be treated with courtesy and respect throughout the duration of the job.  While we do all we can to minimize any negative effects to your yard, home or daily routine, the area starts to look like a construction project and we're there making noise, usually from 8am to about 5pm.  We clean the work area daily to keep your home as neat as can be expected during construction.

Phase IV: Inspections and Final Touches
As we near completion, our equipment disappears, trade inspections are made, extra materials and debris are removed, your project is cleaned and we will ask for the most important inspection of all, YOURS.  This is the part we really enjoy because it is the time we get to see the happy and excited eyes of another satisfied customer.  As we request final payment,  we will be happy to offer tips on caring for your new project.

Phase V: Follow-up
Within a few days, we will be contacting you to see how everything is going after you have had time to live with your completed project.  If anything was missed at the final inspection we can quickly address it.  After 30 days you will be contacted again.  Time has shown us that 98% of all issues are going to surface within the first 30 days of completion, so it only makes sense for us to see how things are going after this critical period so we can make sure you are completely satisfied.


We've heard that finding and selecting a reliable home improvement contractor can be difficult for a variety of reasons.  There's no reason it should become a complicated process, so here are 10 reasons you can feel confident in us:

1. We are established with credentials, licensed, and fully insured.  Ask to see proof of insurance when interviewing your contractor. Make sure your selected contractor is a State Registered Contractor with the DPOR.  You can visit to check the companies validity.

2.  We provide extremely detailed proposals addressing every aspect of your project.  You can get a good impression of a contractors work habits by observing how detailed the estimate is.  A quality contractor will itemize all details, making it easier to understand what is involved regarding the proposal.

3. We are great communicators in writing and verbally.  We will answer any questions you ask and you will understand what we are saying.  It is vital for customers to express their ideas and concerns and not feel like their concerns are irrelevant.

4. We make promises and follow through on them.  This is a key question we want you to ask our  previous customers, as a finished job outlines our promised customer satisfaction and craftsmanship.  When selecting a contractor, make sure you contact at least 3 previous customers to hear their comments.  Ask about promises made, change orders, and budgets.

5. The owner is hands-on, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.  Most custom builders have years of trade experience in the field, (carpentry, electrical, HVAC, etc) which is extremely important when delivering custom built items.  A salesman without building experience can only sell what they've been told, making it nearly impossible for them to answer specific questions about the design and pricing.

6. We are professionals with neat and clean vehicles, equipment and personal appearances.  No butt cracks, missing teeth, or pants covered in caulk.

7. We are reliable and respect your schedule.  Once a plan has been put in place you can rely on us to be diligent with both our work and our time management.  You will have people men working on your job until completion.  This is another important topic to ask about when contacting the contractors previous customers.  Make sure you ask about the daily routine.  Was there stop and go activity, or did the job run on a daily basis.

8. We respect your personal space and try to be as unobtrusive as possible whilst working. While some noise and change is to be expected we do have a thorough discussion ahead of time as to what your project entails. Thus allowing ample time to organize temporary accommodation.   You will enter into your new project fully aware of what, if any interruptions, you might be faced with.

9. We maintain clean job sites. If dumpsters or removal of debris from jobsite is required you can count on us to have that taken care of.  We don't "pile" debris in a corner, it goes in the dumpster left on your site specifically for your job.  (along with portable toilets)

10. We enjoy what we do and it reflects in our work.  This says a lot.  Our employees and subs love the work they do which sets the mode to build quality projects.